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Digital Oscilloscope
Model Type Description
STB-3 Optional Oscilloscope Demonstration Board. Provides standard (Sine, Square), pulse (PWM, Burst), and serial (I2C, SPI, UART, LIN, and CAN) outputs.
Isolated channel optional accessories(ISFE) Optional Appliction:1. Medical equipment maintenance2. Industrial power source design3. Motor power analysis4. Floating ground differential signal analysis
SDS1000-SC2 Optional Soft Carry Case for 2-CH SDS1000 Series
USB cable Standard Standard USB cable of the instrument, and you can buy it separately.
Power cord Standard A power cord designed for the instrument and authorized by local country. You can buy it separately.
Quick Start Standard 287*210 mm siglent (English)
USB-GPIB adapter Optional For expanding the tripod with two handles Yang instrument GPIB function, compatible to third party GPIB bus controller.

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