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Digital Oscilloscope
SDS5000X Series
Model Type Description
SAP1000 Optional 1 GHz active probe
SP3050A Standard Passive probe x2 (2-ch model); x4 (4-ch model), SP3050A for 500 MHz / 1 GHz models
SDS-5000X-1553B Optional MIL-STD-1553B trigger & decode
SDS-5000X-FlexRay Optional FlexRay trigger & decode
SDS-5000X-CANFD Optional CAN FD trigger & decode
SDS-5000X-I2S Optional I2S trigger & decode
SDS-5000X-16LA Optional 16 digital channels (software)
SDS-5000X-FG Optional Waveform generator software
SDS-5000X-2BW10 Optional 500 MHz to 1 GHz bandwidth upgrade (2-ch model)
SDS-5000X-4BW10 Optional 500 MHz to 1 GHz bandwidth upgrade (4-ch model)
SDS-5000X-2BW05 Optional 350 MHz to 500 MHz bandwidth upgrade (2-ch model) *
SDS-5000X-4BW05 Optional 350 MHz to 500 MHz bandwidth upgrade (4-ch model) *
SAG1021 Optional Output Sine, Square, Ramp, pulse, Noise, DC and 45 built-in waveforms.The arbitrary waveforms can be accessed and edited by the EasyWave PCsoftware
STB-3 Optional Oscilloscope Demonstration Board. Provides standard (Sine, Square), pulse (PWM, Burst), and serial (I2C, SPI, UART, LIN, and CAN) outputs.
calibration certifcate Standard
Passive Probe Standard PB470; PP510; PP215; PP430
Current Probe Optional CP4020; CP4050; CP4070; CP4070A; CP5030; CP5030A; CP5150; CP5500; CPL5100
High Voltage Probe Optional Bandwidth: 40 MHz; Maximum input differential voltage DC:10 KV; AC(rms):7 KV(sine);AC(Vpp):20 KV(Pulse); attenuation ratio1:1000; Accuracy:≤3%
High Voltage Differential Probe Optional DPB5150, DPB5150A, DPB5700, DPB5700A, DPB1300, DPB4080
USB cable Standard Standard USB cable of the instrument, and you can buy it separately.
SPL2016 Optional Logic Probe for SDS2000X series , 16-channel, 500MSa/s
Power cord Standard A power cord designed for the instrument and authorized by local country. You can buy it separately.
Quick Start Standard 287*210 mm siglent (English)

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