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SDG 5000 Series



Dimensions:  261mm×104.85mm×343.8mm(W×H×D)

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  • Considering the traditional technical defects, Siglent develops an innovative pulse generatingalgorithm, which is
    named as EasyPulse technology and is adopted in the new SDG5000 series. Basedupon the new technology,
    SDG5000 can produce pluses with quick rising/falling edge, low jitter,tiny duty cycle and is none- affecting by
    frequency variation. What’s more, the pulse edge orwidth can be fine adjusted in large range. As shown in the
    following functional block diagram:

    Main Features:

    ● Apply DDS technology, double channels output, phase adjustable
    ● Output frequency up to 160MHz, 500MSa/s sampling rate, 14bit vertical resolution, 512Kpts wave length
    ● 2ppm high frequency stability, -116dBc/Hz low phase noise
    ● Abundant modulation functions, sweep-frequency output, burst output
    ● Built-in high precision frequency counter, frequency up to 200MHz
    ● Standard interfaces: USB Device, USB Host
    ● Seamlessly workwith SIGLENT Digital Storage Oscilloscope and support remote command control

    Compared with the traditional technology, the innovative EasyPulse technology is featured with the following superior advantages:

    ● Can output pulses with quick rising/falling edge (6ns) under very low frequency (less than 1Hz)
    ● Pulse width can be minimized to 12ns under low frequency, with extremely low duty cycle
    ● Parameters of pulse can be easily and immediately changed without updating any waveform data
    ● Pulse Edge or width can be widely adjusted

    Design Features:


    As shown in figure 1, compared with the slow rising edge (millisecond) of ordinary DDS, EasyPulse technology can keep rapid rising/falling edge (6ns).

    The pulse width of EasyPulse technology can be minimized to 12ns, with a extremely lower duty cycle (less than 0.0001%). However, the pulse width of ordinary DDS is significantly higher with no more lower adjusting of duty cycle.

    When the pulse frequency is 0.1Hz, the pulse edge of EasyPulse can be widely adjusted from 6ns to 6s, while the pulse edge adjusting of ordinary DDS is extremely limited.

    when measuring jitter of cycle to cycle using EasyPulse technology, the RMS value (sdev) being measured is under 100ps.


  • Model






    Maximum output frequency





    Output channels


    Sampling rate


    Wave length


    Frequency resolution


    Vertical resolution



    Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Gaussian white noise, Arb

    Modulation function

    AM,DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK,PWM, Sweep, Burst



    CH1/CH240MHz: 1mVpp~10Vpp(50Ω), 2mVpp~20Vpp(high impedance)

    40MHz~100MHz1mVpp~5Vpp(50Ω), 2mVpp~10Vpp(high impedance)

    100MHz~130MHz:  1mVpp~2.5Vpp(50Ω),2mVpp~5Vpp(high impedance)

    130MHz~160MHz:  1mVpp~1.5Vpp(50Ω),2mVpp~3Vpp(high impedance)


    Frequency counter

    Frequency range: 100 mHz ~ 200 MHz


    USB Host, USB Device

    Optional interface




    Detailed performance parameters and technical indicators please refer to 《SDG5000 serial Datasheet》

  •   Series Bandwidth Sampling Rate Vertical Resolution Arbitrary Waveform Length Channel
    SDG 1000 Series
    5MHz, 10MHz, 20MHz, 25MHz, 50MHz125MSa/s14 bits16Kpts2
    SDG 5000 Series
    160MHz, 120MHz, 80MHz500MSa/s14 bitCH1: 16Kpts, CH2: 512Kpts2
    SDG800 Series
    5MHz,10MHz,30MHz125MSa/s14 bits16Kpts1
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  • Standard Accessories:

    1. A User Manual
    2. A Certification
    3. A Guaranty Card
    4. A CD (including EasyWave1.0 computer software system)
    5. A Power Cord that fits the standard of destination country
    6. A USB Cable

    7. A Quick Start

    Optional Accessories:

    1. BNC Cable
    2. GPIB (IEEE 488.2)

  • 1. IC test
    2. Analog sensor
    3. Simulated environment signals
    4. Electrical circuit function test
    5. Education and training

  • Software name Software name version download
    SDG1000 User Manual
    2012-09-07 Download
    SDG5000 User Manual
    2013-03-04 Download
    SDG5000 Service Manual
    2013-03-13 Download
    SDG1000 Service Manual
    2013-03-13 Download
    2013-04-03 Download
    2013-04-03 Download
    SDG800 User Manual
    2013-12-03 Download

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